Concrete Furniture Melbourne

Get custom, unique pieces of concrete furniture Melbourne, homewares and tiles for your home. Transform your home with the incredible design and function that concrete brings through our stylish furnishings.

We're Melbourne's first self-proclaimed concrete enthusiasts, specialising in turning cold, stark concrete into a living part of your home. We have a passion for designing and creating incredible concrete features, and aim to design pieces that are beautiful and functional. With experience across several areas of design, we can incorporate wood, metal and other materials into our builds, and create pieces that are truly unique.

Our bathtubs, basins, troughs and custom outdoor furniture can instantly transform a room or bathroom. Choose a design that you like, or talk to our team today for a unique, personalised piece. We work with you from the start to create a piece that suits your individual style, and exceeds your expectations.

We design custom-made fireplaces, bathtubs, sinks, furniture, dinning & outdoor tables and many more concrete furniture products to decorate your home.

We use a unique blend of concrete and fibreglass that is far stronger and more durable than regular concrete. This blend allows us to create thinner, more intricate creations that would never be possible otherwise.

concrete republic
concrete republic

Our Distributors

Our Victorian and New South Wales distributors are a select group of trusted suppliers who carry our products. With their help, we can now offer our customers more choices when it comes to concrete features for their homes.

If you’re based in Australia or New Zealand, head to the Concrete Republic online shop and browse our wide selection of concrete homewares, furniture and more. Our products are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship and have been designed to bring style and practicality to any home.

We Ship Worldwide

We’re proud to be able to ship our products to customers around the world, so if you’re based outside of Australia or New Zealand, you can still enjoy the unique style and elegance of Concrete Republic. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece for your living room or an outdoor setting for your backyard, our online shop has something to suit everyone’s needs.

With hundreds of products available, there’s no better place to find the perfect piece of concrete furniture or feature for your home. Our team of experienced professionals are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and offer advice, so don’t hesitate to get in touch should you require assistance.

Our 3 Steps Custom Design Concrete Furniture Melbourne Process

1. Beginning with a consultation, we work out what it is you're looking for, and find out more about you, what you want from the piece, and where it's going to be put in your home.

2. Second is design. Here we work out the finer details with you, such as size, colour, finish and any further customisation. We then get to work crafting your piece from scratch, building moulds, mixing the concrete and getting everything in shape.

3. Once everything is cooked and set, it's time to deliver. All our creations go through final testing and quality assurance, after which we can deliver direct to you.

           If you're looking to get your very own custom concrete centrepiece or special concrete Furniture Melbourne, View Our Shop


Learn more detailed information about our process, from start to finish.

Our Shop

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Concrete Republic is a concrete specialist selling homewares, precast furniture and other concrete features to customers around the world. We have an extensive range of products, from fireplaces to bathtubs and outdoor furniture.

Our products are available through our online shop, which ships worldwide. Alternatively, you can purchase our products through our distributors in Victoria and New South Wales.

We are constantly striving to expand our customer base by developing more products and finding more distributors in different countries. To stay up to date with our latest products and partners, make sure you check out the Concrete Republic online shop for our latest offers.