Precast Concrete

Precast concrete is the easiest and fastest way to create a framework or foundation. Start building better today with Concrete Republic’s range of commercial precast concrete solutions. We work closely with you to deliver the product you need on time and within budget. Discuss your needs with our team today for a quote.

A Wide Range of Custom Precast Concrete Products

With our specialised Micro-Precast process, we can quickly create custom precast pieces for specialised applications, such as urban furniture, panelling, public benches, tables and architectural pieces, fences, bollards and more. Some of our past projects include:
  • Precast Concrete Furniture
  • Precast Concrete Steps
  • Precast Concrete Fireplace
  • Precast Concrete Pizza Oven
  • Precast Concrete Benches
  • Precast Concrete Wall Panels
  • Precast Concrete Retaining Walls

What is Micro Precast Concrete?

Instead of pre-casting concrete in large chunks like many industrial precast concrete businesses, we pre-cast numerous smaller pieces and set them together on-site. This allows us not only to cast the concrete faster but to put together more intricate, detailed designs. We call this Micro-Precast, a process that is perfect for smaller to medium size projects with specific results in mind, such as custom-designed urban furniture and seating for public places, or concrete stairs in residential properties. As we use specialised glass fibre reinforced concrete for all our designs, our precast constructions are guaranteed to be durable and versatile. Take a look at our past projects for inspiration and discover what we can do for you! Set Designs Available As well as custom design precast concrete we have a range of set designs for outdoor furniture and other smaller, single part pieces that can be produced on short notice without any additional design input required.

Precast Concrete Design Options

Just like all our concrete creations, we offer a range of design options such as colour and texture. All our precast concrete is available in our stock range of colours, however, we can also create custom colours on request. Additionally, we can add extra materials to the concrete to change the design, resulting in unique textures and visuals. Talk to our team for more information on this service. You can view our range of standard colours here.

Why Choose Concrete Republic?

We’ve spent the last 15+ years working with concrete, learning how it can be formed, shaped, changed, and controlled. We know concrete inside and have used it to create a wide range of innovative concrete products. If you have big ideas and need someone to turn them into reality, our team of concrete enthusiasts will work with you to ensure you get the results you’re looking for.

Call Concrete Republic Today

If you’re ready to get started, call Concrete Republic today. Our team will sit down with you to talk through your ideas and provide you with a complete precast concrete solution for your next project.
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