Concrete Fireplace


Concrete fireplaces are the latest in modern interior design. Blending in seamlessly with carpet or tiles, a concrete fireplace will not only add an air of sophistication to your living room, but heat and insulate your home. Concrete Republic design and build stunning concrete hearths, fireplaces and mantles. We design and build from scratch to match your space, interior design style. All our fireplaces are made to fit. Talk to our team about designing a custom fireplace for your home today.

Concrete Fireplace Design Options

There is a wide range of different design options for floating fireplaces. If you've got a specific design in mind, the team at Concrete Republic can help you plan, build and install a concrete fireplace in your home. Our designs include:

  • In-situ poured fire hearths
  • Concrete mantlepieces
  • Floating concrete fireplaces
  • Concrete housings for fireplaces

Specialised Concrete Formula

Using a specialised blend of glass fibre concrete we can create fireplace designs that are more complex and more durable. It allows us to be far more creative with our designs and construct fireplaces that are unique and interesting. Our concrete has excellent durability and can withstand daily wear and tear far better than standard concrete. If you're planning on using your fireplace regularly, don’t just settle for regular concrete. Concrete Republic can build you a stunning fireplace that will last for years to come.

Bespoke Design and Installation

With improved concrete come a range of design options that allow us to tailor your fireplace exactly to your specifications. Choose from a nearly limitless range design options, with variations of colour, shade, texture, feel and more. We can create a custom fireplace that matches the aesthetic of your home perfectly. If you're building or installing yourself, we can craft your fireplace to fit the space available and work to your constraints. Talk to our team today for more information on installation and design options.

Contact Concrete Republic Today

If you're thinking about getting a concrete hearth or fireplace, our team can help you make a decision. Call our resident concrete enthusiasts today for information, advice and a quote on your new concrete fireplace.

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