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Our Process, Start to Finish
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  • Design
  • Construct
  • Deliver
  1. Initial consultation
  2. Get details
  3. Go through what we need from client
  1. Select product
  2. Choose size(s)
  3. Choose colour
  4. Choose finish
  5. Apply any customisations
  1. Finalise drawings
  2. Build mould(s)
  3. Mix ingredients as per client's design/specifications
  4. Pour ingredients into moulds
  5. Cook and cure at the optimum temperature
  6. Extract from mould, and seal
  7. Pack for delivery
  1. Deliver to client's door
  2. Handover warranty and maintenance manuals
  3. Final QA and sign-off from client


Head Office: North Geelong, 3215 admin@concreterepublic.com.au  

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About Us - Our Story

About Us - Concrete Republic is owned and operated by two Geelong locals, Luke Reddie and Blake Robertson. Getting off the ground in 2016, Luke began creating furniture masterpieces from his back shed. Having more than 14 years' experience using concrete, he was familiar with the medium and became excited by its potential.

Experimenting with glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) and receiving rave reviews for his concrete benchtops, vanities and various pieces, Concrete Republic was born.

By 2017 Blake had joined the team and brought with him extensive business expertise and drive. Having built a successful access flooring company, Blake found himself looking for a fresh project with a creative outlet and was impressed by concrete and its vast uses. Together the two men are a dynamic duo with a united goal, delivering custom furniture.

What we do

Concrete Republic creates unique pieces of furniture, homewares and tiles using concrete. Transforming the cold, stark medium into smooth, sleek homewares, the team incorporates steel and timber, giving them practicality, warmth and balance.

With a modern edge, our splashbacks, dining tables and custom garden furniture can transform a space or room, be a statement piece to your home, office or work space. The beauty of concrete is that every piece is unique and has small imperfections,* giving the pieces character and individuality.

*No piece is the same. Concrete is a difficult medium to work with and its imperfections are considered part of its charm.

Why concrete?

Due to its longevity, since 1824 concrete has been predominantly used for practical purposes only. However due to its raw natural beauty, this bold material possesses a starkness and edge to it and for that reason has become increasingly popular in homes, cafes, bars, restaurants and offices.

With a few tweaks to the traditional mix, a new and improved concrete (GFRC) has been designed that can be shaped into a range of designs without losing its natural look and individual appeal, and giving it high strength and lighter property, perfect for custom furniture and handmade tiles.


The Concrete Republic team includes:

  • Luke Reddie - Concrete enthusiast
  • Blake Robertson - Concrete enthusiast

Our process

At Concrete Republic we work directly with our clients from start to finish. You will get a truly unique piece that exceeds your expectations, handmade at our workshop.

We begin with an initial consultation, where we find out the details of the project and get the information we need from the client.

The second step is the design. We confirm the concrete furniture product with the client, as well as size, colour and finish selection and any further customisation. We require a 30 percent deposit of the total project cost to proceed to the construction stage.

Once the drawings are finalised, our team builds the molds, mixes the ingredients as per client specifications and pours the molds. Once the product cooks and cures at the optimum temperature we seal it and pack it for delivery.

When we deliver our concrete furniture direct to you we perform a final quality assurance test and sign-off, where we also hand over warranties and maintenance manuals and collect the remaining 70 percent payment. To learn more about us - Give Us a Call Today!

Please contact us for further information or to discuss ideas for your own piece of custom concrete furniture and know more about us!

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