Concrete Outdoor Table

You can’t go wrong with handmade concrete garden furniture. It not only looks stunning, set among a natural backdrop, but is designed to be heat and weather-resistant – making it both stylish and cost-effective. At the Concrete Republic, we specialise in concrete furniture for homes and commercial properties, adding that unique flair to each project. Choose a concrete outdoor table, beautiful concrete pots or another piece of concrete furniture Melbourne and make a statement in your home or garden. Call our team today and we can help you design, build and install your very own concrete creations.

Unique Building Materials

While we love our concrete, we also work with brass, copper, steel, timber and plastic to create a tactile, textural appeal that will look fantastic for years. Our custom garden concrete furniture is made to last, being both durable and timeless. And when it comes to design, add an extra level of customisation with your choice of four basic concrete colours, or ask mixing a sample of your own custom colour. We can create a piece that will blend seamlessly with your existing design, or stand out as the centerpiece of a room. The choice is up to you. We use a specialised concrete blend made with fiberglass, designed to be stronger and more versatile than typical concrete. Using this mix we can pour concrete thinner and stronger, and build innovative and unique concrete creations. This kind of concrete, combined with our manufacturing process results in creations that are tough, making them perfect for outdoor use. Get your very own concrete outdoor table or furniture and experience the difference.

Custom Garden Furniture

We work with our clients, as well as with designers, builders, architects and landscapers, bringing our concrete outdoor tables and garden furniture creations to life. Our aim is to make the creation process as easy as possible for our clients – so we can pre-cast handmade concrete garden or outdoor concrete furniture at our factory and deliver the final product for easy installation. If you want something made in concrete – we can do it. Our custom garden furniture range includes, but is not limited to:
  • Outdoor concrete tables and seating
  • Fire pits
  • Planter boxes
  • BBQ settings and benchtops
  • Retaining walls
  • Vertical gardens
  • Bespoke handmade concrete garden furniture

Your Very Own Custom Concrete Outdoor Table

If you have a particular piece of furniture in mind, contact the team at Concrete Republic and we can help turn your design into a modern and hard-wearing feature for your home or commercial garden.
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