Concrete Steps


Concrete steps and stairs are the latest in home design, with a unique, modern aesthetic, affordable cost and a wide range of design options. If you’re thinking about getting concrete stairs for your home or construction project, our team can work with you to help you get the stairs you’re looking for. Create an impressive entryway for your home, place stairs throughout your garden, or install an interesting and modern stairway inside your home. With innovative and robust designs for concrete stairs and concrete stair treads, your choices are almost limitless. Discuss your needs with our team today and let us work with you to design, manufacture and install the perfect concrete steps. Call now on 0477 885 526 to get started!

Why Choose Concrete Steps?

When compared to concrete, wood, stone and other stair materials, concrete is more durable, more versatile, and often more affordable. Using our specialised blend of glass fibre concrete we can create more intricate designs with options for style, shape, method of installation, colour, finish and more. It’s this manufacturing style that also makes our concrete far more durable and versatile, allowing us to pour it thinner and in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Concrete steps won’t rot, burn, or get mouldy, and can last a lifetime with proper care. If you’re looking to make installing stairs even easier, we offer pre-cast solutions that you can order today for fast delivery and installation.

Pre-Cast Concrete Treads

As well as custom designs, we have a range of pre-cast concrete treads made with existing designs specifically to speed up your project. Our pre-cast steps are fast and easy to install, indoor our outdoors and are specifically designed to make creating an elegant concrete staircase easy. For more information on our pre-cast concrete steps, talk to our team today. We can supply and deliver throughout Victoria and New South Wales, ready for use in DIY projects or in construction.

Concrete Stair Treads

Concrete stair treads, or concrete step treads are a modern-looking alternative to full concrete stairs. They're great for creating a clean, minimalistic aesthetic for spaces inside or outside your home. Installed properly, they can look like floating pavers or stairs, making them an incredible statement piece. With our specialised concrete recipe, our concrete step treads can support an enormous amount of weight. So, not only do they look incredible, they'll last for years to come and stand up to a busy modern lifestyle, handling anything you can throw at them. Whether you're moving up and down them constantly or need something to stand up to mother nature, you can rely on our concrete stair treads to last the distance. Concrete Republic offer pre-cast concrete stair treads for you or your builder to install. We can also design and manufacture custom treads according to your needs. Discuss your needs with our team and we can supply you with what you need.

Our Concrete Production Process

  1. In an initial consultation our concrete enthusiasts will sit down with you and discuss your needs and requirements for concrete stairs.
  2. Once we’ve got the information you need, we’ll get to work designing according to your specifications. This includes step size, colour and finish, as well as any other customisations.
  3. After finalising the design our team get to work constructing your order. We build the moulds, mix the concrete and pour it into the setting, taking care to eliminate any weaknesses.
  4. Finally, once your order has been manufactured, we’ll ship it out to your location, ready for installation. If you’re located close to one of our studios, we also offer pick-up.

Get New Concrete Stairs Today

For more information on our products and services, or to make an order for concrete steps, call Concrete Republic today. Our team is on call and ready to answer any questions you might have. Call us now on 0499 830 479 for a quote.      
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