Concrete Sink & Concrete Troughs


At Concrete Republic, we specialise in creating custom made concrete sinks, tables, vanities and other furniture. Concrete is a fantastic choice for sinks and laundry troughs, as it's extremely durable and will look good for years and years with little maintenance. A concrete sink can be a feature piece for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry, and is guaranteed to make an impression on your guests and family. We can make sinks, vanities and basins for both residential and commercial use. Call us today for more info and get started with your very own custom concrete furniture.

Design and Creation

Concrete works incredibly well with other design features and materials, including tops of a bench brass copper and steel fittings, as well as timber elements. Using a special blend of fibreglass concrete, as well as unique manufacturing techniques, we can create intricate designs that fit with any existing décor. Choose from a range of colours for your design. Pick one of our four standard choices - Night, Charcoal, Platinum and White – or choose a custom colour of your own. Simply ask our team to mix a sample for you to take home. When it comes to concrete sink, basin and vanity design, Concrete Republic have a wide variety to choose from.

Our special stronger concrete blend allows us to be more creative with our designs, creating thinner and more intricate pieces. Whatever you have in mind, we're sure we can make it for you.

Ready to Install

We precast your vanities, basins and concrete sinks in our factory and deliver the finished product to your home or business, ready for installation. As part of the final handover, we will also provide warranties and maintenance manuals, ensuring your furniture remains in optimum visual and physical condition.

Products Available

As well as standard concrete sinks, we can create a wide range of concrete basins, sinks, troughs and more for all your needs. Our products are perfect for indoor or outdoor use, delivered ready to install in your bathroom, laundry, kitchen, outdoor entertaining area, BBQ space or anywhere else.

Our full range of concrete basin and sink products includes:

Single and Double Sinks

These sinks are designed to provide an elegant and convenient solution for bathrooms and kitchens. If you need one in a specific size or colour to match your building or renovations, discuss your needs with our team.

Inset or Free-Standing Sinks and Basins

We offer both inset and free standing options for concrete sinks and concrete basins, giving you complete freedom when designing and installing. Talk to our team for more information on design and customisation.

Floating Concrete Vanities

Floating vanities are becoming incredibly popular for their clean and modern designs. And with our specialised lightweight concrete, you can rely on our products to deliver great results for years to come, not putting too much pressure on your walls or foundations.

Concrete Troughs and Basins

Concrete troughs are a larger alternative to your traditional sinks. They're perfect for laundries and outdoor areas where you need a durable and large sink to handle all the grit and grime of daily life. Choose a concrete basin for your home and we can deliver it for you or your builder to install. We have pre-cast concrete trough designs and custom design options available.

Laundry Vanity Tops

For a complete concrete basin surface, laundry vanity tops are the ideal solution. Instead of sitting in your benchtop, they are your benchtop, providing a seamless connection between your sink and your benchtop. If you're looking to make a statement in your laundry, concrete vanity tops are the way to go.

Call us Today

At Concrete Republic, we love the way concrete works just as well in domestic and commercial settings – adding a modern, industrial appeal to home bathrooms or laundries and commercial kitchens. Concrete also works well for outdoor sinks and other handmade concrete garden furniture. If you're looking to get that gorgeous industrial aesthetic for your home, concrete furniture could be just what you need to take your design to the next level. We also do concrete tables, benches, tiles, chairs and more. For more information, view our shop now!

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