Concrete Sleepers



Concrete Republic offer a range of pre-cast and on-order concrete retaining wall sleepers. If you need concrete sleepers for a construction or renovation, we can manufacture and deliver what you need to get the job done. Order pre-cast sleepers and get sleepers for your project fast, or discuss your needs with our team and let us manufacture sleepers that meet your exact specifications. Discuss your needs with our team today.

High-Quality Concrete Sleepers

We use a special blend of glass fibre concrete that is stronger, harder and more durable than standard concrete. When used to make sleepers, you're left with hardwearing sleepers that are guaranteed to last for years. Concrete sleepers are resistant to moisture, termite-proof, won't rot and won't break down like treated pine or plastic. They also won't bend, warp or shrink, and are not produced using harmful treatment chemicals. Concrete is often also cheaper than metal or stone, while still looking great. If you're looking to improve your garden's design, concrete sleepers are guaranteed to look great in any situation.

Unlimited Design Options

One of the things that make's concrete retaining wall sleepers is flexible design options. Using our specialised blend of concrete we can change almost every aspect of design, casting sleepers in unique and interesting shapes and adding pigments and other materials to change the colour and look of your sleepers. View our concrete designs online for inspiration or talk to our team and we'll help you get the design you're looking for.

Design, Construct, Deliver

Discuss your needs with our team today and we'll work with you to plan and finalise the design for your sleepers. This includes the size you need, the colour, finish and any other customisations you want to make. Once the design has been finalised, we'll get to work mixing the concrete and manufacturing your sleepers. Finally, we deliver, getting your sleepers to you ready to use. With locations in Sydney, Melbourne and on the Central Coast we can deliver across a wide area throughout Victoria and New South Wales. We deliver direct to your door, ready to install by yourself or by a builder or contractor.

Order Concrete Retaining Wall Sleepers Today

If you're building a retaining wall Concrete Republic can provide all the sleepers you need. Discuss your needs with us today and place your order with us. Get customised sleepers or choose an existing design and get sleepers for your project fast. Call us today on 0499 830 479 for more information or contact us here.


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