Concrete Pool Coping


Concrete Republic provides concrete pool coping pavers at warehouse prices direct to the public. We’re affordable pool pavers and stone suppliers who regularly install for domestic and commercial projects. From family homes, apartments to multi residential pools, we offer pool pavers in an exciting range of colours, finishes and textures. Our standard sizes for concrete pool coping pavers are generally available for immediate delivery. We can also supply custom sizes quickly to suit your pool’s specific requirements. From round shape coping pavers, L drop face pool pavers to round drop face pool pavers, our team can complete installation or supply only at your request. We provide quality pool coping services at amazing prices. Contact us to get a quote.

Concrete Pool Coping is A Great Choice For Your Pool

Why do you need concrete pool coping? To begin, pool coping is the edging or caps at the rim of your pool. They form clean lines throughout your pool, and are commonly called pool edge pavers. Essentially, they’re the finishing touch when building a pool. Given their placement around your pool beam, it is what will make your pool come together and give it its own unique look. They generally come in uniform thickness and are laid over for an even and clean profile. When choosing the material for your pool coping, there’s plenty of designs to make your pool and its surroundings look their best. Available in a variety of colours and textures to suit the style of your home, the material of your pool coping pavers should offer both beauty and functionality. Concrete can be easily sealed, to prevent water damage or staining around your pool and outdoor area. The seal protects your coping from corrosives such as chlorine, salt and water as well as regular exposure to the elements. It also doubles as a non-slip coating with engineered slip resistance for safety. This prevents any accidents around your pool and offers protection for your family and kid-friendly homes. Whether you’re building or renovating your pool, choosing a base or replacement for your pool coping paver involves a level of consideration. Consider the size of your coping and whether it matches your existing layout.

Choose The Right Concrete Pool Coping For Your Home

Get the right concrete pool coping and create a stunning outdoor area. Pool coping is the final touch for your pool and arguably the most important part. It's not easy to replace pool coping, so choosing the option that best meets your needs is critical. While wood or tiles will get you nice results, it's important to consider the overall look and feel of your pool area. Concrete has become more popular recently because of this, boasting a wide range of design options and styles. It's also one of the cheaper options, will last for years and requires minimal maintenance. If you're thinking about choosing concrete for your pool, Concrete Republic can create a customised solution for you. Our concrete enthusiasts can plan, design and install concrete coping that meets all your requirements. Call us today to book a free consultation with our team.

Personalise Your Concrete Pool Coping Design

Concrete Republic can help you personalise your concrete pool coping to match your home and pool design. While our pool coping comes in four standard colours - Night, Charcoal, Platinum and White - we can customise your design to suit, changing the colour, finish and style. Just like paint, we can mix up almost any colour for you to sample. When getting pool coping you have the option of pre-cast or custom design. If you have a standard pool design and you're happy with our pre-cast designs we can provide complete pool coping solutions quickly and at low cost. Custom designs will take longer but will better suit your needs and better fit pools with unique shapes. Talk to our team today about getting custom-designed concrete pool coping.

Different Styles Of Concrete Pool Coping

What kind of style are you looking for? Something that’s elegant but inexpensive? Durable for seasoned weather? Versatile to match your furniture? What about texture? Something smooth? Or a bit rough to avoid slipping? Here are some popular choices for your concrete pool coping:

Square Edge

If you’d like an effortless, clean minimalistic look, a square edge is perfect for a simple yet elegant finish. It’s a popular option that gives off a modern and contemporary feel.

Rebate Square Edge

If the simple square edge suits you but you’d like a bit of extension to go with it, the rebate square edge is for you. They won’t connect to the next tile over at a sharp corner, making it a lot safer to avoid cuts.

Single Bullnose

If you’ve got kids in the home and you’d like to be extra careful with their safety, the single bullnose is the perfect pool coping for you. This rounded smoothed edge won’t have any sharp corners you need to worry about. Plus it gives your pool a softer finish and a more traditional look.

Triple Bullnose

Also known as the waterfall edge, this pool coping is a major trend that’s quickly becoming a mainstay favourite. Its highly customised look gives an elegant and regal finish.

Internal Bullnose

If you’d like a bullnose finish but you’re still unsure about your corners, an internal bullnose is a smart alternative. It’s specifically made for tight corners, giving a smooth finish that will effectively prevent accidents. An internal bullnose also alters the appearance of your pool, making it a lot more inviting to the eye.

Drop Down Face

If you’d like a seamless finish, a drop down face is perfect for your pool. It’s made from tiles that have a lip, which are fitted over the edge of your pool, hiding the rim and giving off the illusion the water is flush.

Tumbled Edge

The tumbled edge pool coping allows for a more rustic profile. This is caused by the uneven edging on your pool’s rim, which makes for a more unconventional, unique design.

Specialised Concrete Pool Coping Formula

Concrete Republic's specialised glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) blend sets us apart from the rest when it comes to creating concrete. GFRC is more durable and more versatile than regular concrete, allowing us to create more complex designs. It's perfect for pool coping, as it can easily withstand daily wear and tear and is guaranteed to last for years.

Concrete Republic’s Installation Services

As well as design and manufacturing, our team can plan and install concrete pool coping. If you're planning on getting custom pool coping, we recommend choosing it before installing your pool, as many pool companies will install one of their stock options for you if you don't have coping prepared. Talk to our team today for more information on this service.

Call Concrete Republic Today

Choose Concrete Republic for your concrete pool coping. We're experts in our craft, working with you from start to finish to get you the best possible results. Our concrete enthusiasts are passionate about concrete and excited to help you create your pool coping. Book a consultation and talk to our team today.


Q: What pool coping pavers would you recommend?

A: We need to determine what type of pool you have. If your pool is salt chlorinated, which is very common, then the paver needs to be salt resistant. This is to ensure you won’t need to replace your pavers later on down the track.

Q: Who should install my pool coping?

A: Pool coping can be installed by contractors from pool builders, tilers, outdoor pavers, stonemasons to concrete workers. The most important thing is they must have all the necessary paperwork to prove their credentials and experience.

Q: I’m aiming to renovate soon. Do I stick to my old company who built my pool?

A: We know people usually make the conservative choice of sticking to what they know. Most pool owners already have a pool coping fitted by a previous company. But consider why you’re renovating. Were you disappointed because you couldn’t match the style of your paver and coping? Has your old installation become worn with age and use? Our advice is to communicate your needs and always ask for assistance whenever you’re unsure. There’s a wide choice available for pool coping pavers. Don’t be limited to the one or two choices in the selection that was presented to you if you aren’t set. Browse and be open, you might end up saving yourself from regret and wasting a lot of money. Click on our call or contact button, we’d be happy to help narrow down your choices so you can complete your project!

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